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Jeremiah – Watchman the Prophecy ft. Shai Sol


Gam ani Yehudi Meshihi


שומר הנבואה
מילים, לחן: ג׳רמיה
שירה: ג׳רמיה ושי סול
הופק ע”י:ViewThis
בימוי, הפקה ועריכה: ג’רמיה
צילום:ג’סי קופ, קרל סיילר

הלבנה האדומה, היא הנבואה
הלבנה האדומה

עמק העצמות היבשות, חזיונות
בית שלישי וחלומות
הזקנים חלומות יחלומון והבחורים חזונות
יראו על נחלים במדבר.
הלבנה אדומה, האדמה נסדקת, אני יכול
לשמוע את הקולות מהנילוס ועד לעיראק
מתפללים בהר הזיתים
מחכים, מאמינים
משיח יחזור בעננים
גם למען הדורות הבאים
הוא בא הוא הנבואה
הלבנה האדומה היא הנבואה
הוא בא לשער המזרחי
בעננים, בדם, באור, הוא אלוהי

Watchman: The Prophecy
Music & Lyrics: Jeremiah
Vocals: Jeremiah (feat. Shai Sol)
Executive producer: ViewThis
Director, Producer, Editor: Jeremiah
Director of photography: Jesse Kopp, Carl Seiler
Story: Nachum and Jeremiah

The Blood Moon is The Prophecy
The Blood Moon

Blood Moons in a dry and weary land
Hot days, cold nights, in Jerusalem
Blowing in the breeze, what’s coming in the sky
Riding on the clouds with a fire in His eyes
Like cataclysmical patterns that have a rhythm
I see signs in the skies, you can’t deny the rhythm
Living in the land, flowing milk and honey
Tribulation coming as the stars collide

The Valley of Dry Bones,
Dreams and Visions,
The Third Temple rises…

I’m back on the wall ya can’t stop the Watchman
Because a Watchman’s got no option
I take my time, I get my thoughts collected
And from the top of the wall become electric
I got five smooth stones like David
Swinging in a sling and I’m singing cuz we made it
Tribulation dreaming Jacob’s trouble is upon us
Sounding the alarm cuz I’m surrounded by Piranhas
Swimming in the Dead Sea, overhead a Blood Moon
Dry bone prophecy, He’s coming back soon
Mashiach come and take your throne back
From black branches, the fig leaves have grown back
The grown men, they’re dreaming dreams
And the young men’s visions of the desert streams
The moons red, the earth cracks
I can hear the sound from the Nile to Iraq

Praying on the Mount of Olives
We wait, we believe
Messiah will return on the clouds
For the generations He will come
He’s coming, He’s the prophecy
The Blood Moon is the prophecy
He’s coming to the East Gate
In the Clouds, in Blood, in Light, He’s divine

Scarlet garment, blood stained cloak
White Horse rider, cloak blood soaked
Riding on the clouds, flying through the sky
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, Ha Mashiach Elohai
Fire in the sky, your people praise your Name
The wise prophecy of the ever burning flame
Of the Lampstand, Promised Land, never losing focus
Cloud like a man’s hand Ravens feed him Locust
The Prophets of Baal, never will prevail
Impaled like the nail in the hands of Yael
Like the Prophet Eliyahu, strength like Moses
Everybody asking who this man in the robe is
Everybody praying night and day and weeping wailing
At the wall because the temple standing tall the latter rain
Layin brick and mortar Zion’s daughter answering the call
Mashiach at the East Gate tearing down the wall