Here I am!

What would you say, if you hear Adonai’s voice speaking to you? Would you say “Hello?”, “Excuse me, say that again?”, “Sorry, I’m busy, send me an email!” or would you even respond? In the Bible, Abraham, Jacob, Moses, Samuel and Isaiah, all said the same statement when the God of Israel spoke to them “Here I am” ( הִנֵּֽנִי hineni in Hebrew).  This basically means I’m here to listen and to do what You’re saying, Lord.

In the modern world and life, it might seem a bit strange, even outlandish to immediately respond with a statement such as I’m ready to listen and do, however this statement “Hineni” showed their unshakeable faith. We need to have this type of faith. Truth and Faith in God’s word are a reality and Adonai will keep his promises. Trust is what gets you through the difficult times.

May the God of Israel through his Messiah, Yeshua bless you, keep you save and give you shalom!