Monday’s self-reflection post: Like a city breached, without walls, is a person who lacks self-control.

The ten days starting with Yom Teruah / The day of blowing the Shofar or Trumpets (Traditionally: Rosh Hashanah/ The Jewish New Year) and ending with Yom Kippur / The day of atonement are commonly known as the Days of Awe (Yamim Noraim) or the Days of Repentance. This is a time for serious self-examination, and repentance before Yom Kippur which is this coming Satuday.

proverbs 25.JPG

For this blog post, I’m reflecting on the wise words of King Solomon as written in Proverbs / Mishlei 25:28 “Like a city breached, without walls, is a person who lacks self-control.”

It doesn’t matter who you are, or where you are from, whether you are a believer in Yeshua, the Son of the Almighty Living God of Israel or not; these words speak truth: a lack of self-control just leads to a path of destruction for yourself and others. It has the potential to do alot of harm to your relationships with others whether at home and/or at work.

I’ll post more self -reflection verses during this week. Watch this space.

Have a good week / Shavuat Tov  🙂

Shavua tov2.JPG




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